Before reaching the top of the charts, Dosseh experienced his first success in the underground scene with the Bolide mixtapes. The rapper from Orleans set the foundations of his work. His precise writing skillfully captures the essence of the suburbs and the technicality of his flow adapts to all musical styles.

With “Infréquentables”, Dosseh created a catchy anthem with which a whole generation identified. The artist finds his audience with an impressive diamond single and a gold record for his first album, “Yuri”.

Today, Dosseh has become a major figure in the French rap scene, as proven by the success of “Habitué”. On this track, with its airy melody and melancholic lyrics, the rapper reached a new audience that would eagerly await his second album: Vidalo$$a. Two months after its release, the project is certified with a new gold record. The story is meant to go on.





sam21janToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURAstrolabe , Orléans

jeu26janToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURNinkasi, Lyon

ven27janToute la journéeDOSSVELI TOURLe Brise Glace, Annecy


mer01fevToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURBlack Lab , Lille

jeu02fevToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURLe Botanique , Bruxelles

ven03fevToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURDen Atelier, Luxembourg

mar07fevToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURConnexion Live, Toulouse

mer08fevToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURRocher de Palmer, Bordeaux

jeu09fevToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURWarehouse, Nantes

ven10fevToute la journéeDOSSAVELI TOURElysée Montmartre , Paris